Be sure to read this installation manual thoroughly prior to installation. nonstandard parts not specified in this installation manual are used, accidents or injury. View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. View and Download Eclipse AVNE quick start manual online. DVD-Video/ USB multi-source receiver/7” wide screen monitor/navigation/built-in bluetooth.

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Please read through this manual for correct operation. We suggest that after reading it you keep this manualin a safe place for future reference. The symbols described below are found in this instruction manual as well as onthe device itself to insure its proper and safe usage and to prevent injury ordamage to property. Make sure you understand the meaning of these symbolsbefore reading the rest of this manual. Precautions for UseThe following symbols will precede mannual useful for preventing damage to themain unit as well as for its smooth operation.

Table of ContentsBefore Use1. Switching to desired scale What to Do When Display of Connection Status Information Setting low pass filter Using the DVD Player Using the DivX Player Repeatedly Playing the Same Music File Also, do not deviatefrom the installation procedures described herein. Eclipse will not be held liable for damagesincluding, but not limited to serious injury, death or property damage resulting from installationsthat enable unintended operation.

Fire or shocksmay result. Doing so may result in an accident, fire or shock. Avn762e so may resultin smoke, fire or shock.

Doingso may result in an accident, fire or shock. Consult with your dealer or a professional installation expert. Incorrect wiringmay damage the main unit or interfere with safe operation of the vehicle.

Navigation Details Setting Screen

Manuaal other parts may cause damage to the main unit orcause kanual to dislodge and fall or fly off the main unit. Wait approximately 1 hour for the condensation toevaporate and the device will operate normally. Contact the store where you purchased the device if normal operation does not resume afterseveral hours. Before UseViewing this Document. Section titleA title is assigned for each section.

Item titleA number and title isassigned for eachitem. Operation titleA title is assigned foreach operation.

Navigation Details Setting Screen / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

Detailed operationtitleA title is assigned foreach detailedoperation. Proceed with theoperation as per manuall order. Operation screenA screen showingthe operation willappear. Before UseAbout This ReceiverControl Names and OperationsYou can operate this receiver by pressing the buttons panel buttons or by touching theswitches displayed on the screen touch switches.

  BMM 3103 PDF

Press to display the audio operation screens. Operating touch switches with the point of hard objects such as ballpoint pens or mechanicalpencils can damage screen. When guide tone is setto ON. Whenthe engine is switched off, this receiver switches off. The Van726e operations screen displaysscreen of audio source that was playing on last use.

After selecting a language, touch [ I Agree ] todisplay the Navigation screen. Also, when you play a movie, insertits DVD into the manyal. To avoid disc problems, insert a discwithout using an adapter. Adjusting the DisplayAngleWhen the screen shines due to ambientsunlight, you can adjust the angle of thedisplay.

Otherwise you may hurtyourself or the display may av7n26e. If this caution is not observed, thisreceiver or the disc may be scratched. When you close the display, it returnsto the preset angle.

Before UseAbout This ReceiverOperation Conditions of this ReceiverYou can or cannot operate this receiver in the following conditions the ignition key positions.: Before UseMain Unit SettingsBesides settings for av726e and audio operations, the following settings can be made. Color Pattern SettingYou can set nanual color pattern of the screens. You can set the button illumination. Touch Front L or Front R. Select the Right or Left navigation voicechannel.

To make it easier to view the screen, switchbetween Day avn726w Night based on whetherthe lights sidelights, tail lights, license platelight are on or off.

In some vehicles, this receiver may be unableto detect whether lights are on or off. In this isthe case, manually switch between Day andNight. ESN is a securitysystem which renders the navigation andaudio functions inoperable when the batteryterminal is disconnected and reconnected.

You can make the security indicator flashwhen the security system is in operation.

Eclipse – Fujitsu Ten ECLIPSE AVN726E user manual

When verification fails, theCustomer enquiries screen is displayed. Please contact customer services. Connection with thisreceiver allows you to make calls withouttouching your cell phone. To use a Bluetoothsupporting cell phone with this device, it isnecessary to perform Bluetooth registrationand connection settings.

Registering from a cell phone1Touch Pairing on the Hands-freescreen. Register by searching for cell phone onthis receiverTouch Pairing on the Hands-freescreen. In this case,repeat the connection operations. Select the cell phone for which tocancel connection. Insuch a case, redistilling cell-phone in thememory again.

Be sure topark the vehicle in a safe location and makea call. When a call arrives, the Calling screenis displayed automatically. Auto Answer settingsStart talking five seconds after arrival ofincoming call. Ringtone settingsFor setting to emit the cell-phone ringtones. Auto Connect settings2On the Phone setting screen, you canperform the following settings usingthe settings switches.


The controlsand screen layouts are the same. You have easy access tothe most important navigation functionsand the basic settings only.

About USB Devices / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

The rest of thesettings are set to values that are optimalfor typical use. How to useEach key is atouch screenswitch. How to useTouchswitchaTouch toinitiate afunction, toopen a newscreen, or toset aparameter. Only one mankal required.

Some iconsalso functionas switches. ListcWhen youneed to selectfrom severaloptions, theyappear in a list. From here, you can access the following screens. Touch thefollowing switch on map screen: Find[Find]Select destination for example an address or a POI or use the searchengine of Navigation for any other reason for example to look for thephone number of a POI. It isopened from the Map screen. Touch the following switches on the map: Touch the switch in the Quick menu to start the Map screen immediately.

Switches are onwhen lit up. NameMain function single touch Function touch and hold 3D buildings can be displayed on themap. Use this manial to suppress themtemporarily. Turn Track Logs on and off. Touch the following switches: You canexclude maneuvers or streets to adjust the route toyour preferences.

Delete route points or modify theirorder. Touch this switch to remove allPins from the map. With this switch you can suppress these map elementswhen Navigation is following avn726f position on the map. If you move the map, both the street names and POI icons reappearimmediately.

TypeDescription[Unpaved Roads]Navigation excludes unpaved roads by default: Unpaved roads can bein a bad condition and usually you cannot reach the speed limit onthem. By turning off this feature, you also turn off the GPS position errorfiltering.

The position shown on the map will be subject to all positionerrors and position fluctuations. Navigationmay not support all the listed units in some voice guidance languages. If you select a measurement unit not supported by the chosen voiceguidance language, a warning message will appear.

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