This first part load AucTeX when file is opened, turn on reftex, enable hook for math, turn on pdf by default instead of dvi, command. Use Auctex add-ons to emacs’ latex-mode (at GNU) After running LATEX you will have file (as well as other files) In emacs/Auctex type C-c C-c latex. (when (and (boundp ‘auctex-dir) (not (featurep ‘tex-site))) archive/html/auctex//msghtml Imposta `auctex-dvi-viewer’ e.

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This variables specifies which version of Mark should be used.

AUCTeX Starting Viewers

Values currently supported are “II”the default, and “IV”. So if you often type a word, define an abbreviation. Completion-ui is another really great completion utility for emacs. Values currently supported are: It feels kinda clunky, so feel free to suggest a better way. As it should be, whenever I do Dvvi C-c RET it compiles the file, and if repeat the command it views the output in xdvi.

In the auuctex I will continue to use Vim. This old implementation works with the variables TeX-output-view-style and TeX-view-style which are used to associate file types and style options with viewers. You can customize TeX-interactive-mode to give it a different default.

Each command can either be a variable or a string.

May 20th, 1. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This option can also be set as a file local variable, in order to use this conversion on a per-document basis. Alternatively you can type C-c C-v which calls the function TeX-view. This is especially useful for jumping to the location corresponding to point in the viewer when using TeX-source-correlate-mode.


The viewer of the first item with a positively evaluated predicate is selected. If you plan to use Emacs, since I had problem with Ubuntu Each item of the list consists of three elements.

latex – Auto-focus xdvi after running viewdvi in Emacs with AUCTeX – Super User

When the PDF file is finally ready, the next suggested command will be to open the viewer. Therefore you will have to uncomment it if you want to use it. If you want to override an entry from that, add an entry to TeX-engine-alist that starts with the same symbol as that the entry in the built-in list and specify the executables you want to use instead.

If after step 1, I do C-c C-c then emacs asks for the master file, default is to set the above file as master, just typed return.

After the installation has completed, you will have to download all the files I have put at Github. When the document is ready, C-c C-c will suggest to run the converter to PDF or an intermediate format.

Latex succesfully compiled the document to dvi format.

Each entry is a list with a maximum of five elements. You will notice that you can easily change that with emacs, and that there are plainty of choices. I tried to get the same settings I had with Vim, but without success. I found out I can focus the xdvi window with the command wmctrl -a main main is the title of the xdvi window. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you div that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is auctez to these policies.


Especially some DVI viewers depend on this kind of information in order to display your document correctly.

Usually dvipdfmx command is used for this purpose. Here are settings for highlighting. First, here is the short question: The form should return nil if the predicate is not fulfilled. Remember that this is the last argument in the view command before the filename. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It can be set globally using customization interface or on a per-file basis, by specifying it as a file variable.

DaiBowen, yes, not fully performing what I want that is why I asked.

at last, just tells

The idea is that you compile the file with C-c C-c which runs latex on the file and you hit C-c C-c a second time which then runs dvipdfmx. And I keep forgetting about that, which leads me to accidentally editing the source file while trying to navigate in xdvi. Here is the setup for autocompletion. The last argument before the file name is defined by the variable “Tex Source Specials View Editor Flags”, and its default value is: Email required Address never made public. I prefer to highlight a line than to get an annoying blincking cursor.

C-c C-t C-s Toggles support for forward and inverse search. Here is an alternate solution to your problem which is, if I’m correct: Note also that the implementation described above aucrex an older one which was less flexible.

Search the community docs or try other resources.

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