Allan Holdsworth – Atavachron – Music. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth on AllMusic – – For a little background, back in the ’80s. Atavachron is a music studio album recording by ALLAN HOLDSWORTH (Jazz Rock/Fusion/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.

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Non Brewed Condiment 2.

The Dominant Plague 4. Allan Holdsworth – Atavachron.

Allan Holdsworth – Atavachron | Grande Rock ezine

In Science and Arts you can find two kinds of people: Those who work and follow the secure road in the applied field and those who break the barriers, expand the well-known paths and open new possibilities for all the others. Allan Holdsworth undoubtedly belongs to the second category, where the personal cost is very big, and only giants can handle it.

Initially, Holdsworth wanted to play the saxophone, but he ended up playing an electric guitar. This fact shaped taavachron approach to the instrument in a way that nobody had imagined or used before. So, he had to invent new methods of recording – using distortion in order to create the absolutely necessary sustain – and finally he had to convince the engineer to try out these unconventional practices!

But in my opinion this is the less significant – technical – side of the story. The most important thing is how Holdsworth feels about music, and also his phenomenal technique and virtuosity.



When Allan Holdsworth started dealing with the guitar he faced difficulties in reading notes. His intention was not to become a professional musician. He just wanted to do his thing without compromises and for his own pleasure.

On the other hand, the main desire of every true artist is to find a way of expressing himself, because this is a necessity. I mean that a true artist has no choice at all.


His interpretation of the world he lives in, is so meaningful, that it has to reach all the other people. That’s why he constantly improvises and hates playing the same solo again and again. You have to listen to this to believe it! Life is full of allam, and things can get much worse if someone chooses to make a living from his art. I think that the biggest feat of Allan Holdsworth is his continuous struggle not to lose his identity and furthermore, to imprint it sllan all of his work.

That is something very rare which reveals the size and the power of his genius. This new instrument was like a dream come true for Allan, because he always wanted to produce atqvachron sounds than those of an electric guitar.

Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

This instrument was basically an innovative midi controller with various triggers, but with the look and feel of a atavachfon. Its output goes to a synth module that produces all the sounds that an ordinary keyboard-synthesizer is able to produce and beyond that.


It is worth mentioning that in order to afford it, Allan sold his house in England!

I think that all the excitement and joy he felt for this new musical instrument, has found a way into this album. And to celebrate this event he invited a dream-team to jam with him! So to get started, we have here three – from outer space – drummers: Tony Williams is the legendary drummer who at the age of seventeen joined Miles Davis quintet!

Gary Husband is still one of the best drummers-pianists out there and he truly shines here. These songs will make every guitar shredder wonder.

Finally, there is Jimmy Johnson on bass, an exceptional musician that Holdsworth has chosen for the majority of his solo albums and live performances. Even now – after 26 years – the present is just a scene that he watches at a Looking Glass I intentionally didn’t mention above the only singer of his group, Rowanne Mark Not of this earth Golden leaves, a light will gently fall and color all our yesterdays.

Lyrics by Holcsworth Mark.

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