Only let a qualified professional repair or reassemble the Akai AX An unauthorized person might touch the internal parts and receive a serious electric shock. Scematics/Service Manual: Transanalog (Nice high quality prints) Service pics: Common Service Issues/Tips: below. Parts Sources: Keys knobs semiconductors . pdf downloadakai ax 73 service manual akai cmkx cmk x lcd for ax73 x vintage akai axm service manual schematic diagrams pcone thing this.

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Other Media Files : Akai AX73

The AX73 is a surprisingly good analog synthesizer that is still considered to be widely underrated and deserving of some recognition. It’s a six voice analog synthesizer with an almost identical architecture to Akai’s AX60 keyboard.

It also came in a rack-mount form as the VX It has one oscillator VCO per voice and allows for 3 playing modes: Poly mode uses one VCO per voice for six voice polyphonic pads, chords and strings. Unison mode stacks all six VCOs onto one monophonic voice for a screamin’ lead!


But unlike many other analog synths, this machine is MIDI equipped for easy integration and use in today’s modern studios. The sounds are quite nice and are adequate for use in any style of music production. It also zx73 special inputs for use with Akai’s SS and S samplers, allowing you to run those samples through the AX73’s analog filters and envelopes.

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio.

This first bank is the one Hi all – first post! I’ve read that these But today when I started playing, I noticed that the polyphony was reduced.

In poly mode I only got 3 voices instead of 6 and in dual mo I just recently noticed that every I can be reached on here or via email at jonathan gmail. View the discussion thread. Audio Clip 1 A demo of a handful of presets, submitted by Ugo Audio. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Polyphony – 6 voices. Memory – patches.

akai ax 73 manual

LFO – 1 with variable waveforms. Keyboard – 73 keys with velocity. Date Produced –

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