“Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Jan 13, , New set of of Shamlu CD’s such as “Bagh Ayneh”, and “Qoqnus dar Baran” and some . Amhad Shamlu was born on December 12, , to the family of an army officer in Tehran. Like many children who grow up in army families, he received his. The Persian poet, also known by the surname Shamloo, or in his homeland as Ahmad Šāmlū, occasionally used the pen name A. Bamdad when writing poetry.

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The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu

Finally the night-fires dwindle and sunrise comes Not sbamlu remains of the night Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches and beat the soul of the night with them and finish off the Devil’s darkness They are ready; ready to bring him into courtyard, ready to ridicule and hsamlu him. The Fairies said nothing And still they wept And their tears were like rains from Spring clouds I patted the Fairies on their backs I wanted to send them back to their world But then they started to scream They were magical and they began to fly about.

Internet URLs are the best. Since the City stood firm, Since the living became ours, We’ll be happy forever! He showed inclinations toward socialist ideology.

He travelled to Paris for medical treatment. Swedish Translations has been added to translation library. Fairies Once upon a time, Three Fairies sat Naked at sunset Under the blue dome of sky “Boo-hoo,” cried the Fairies and their tears were like rain from Spring clouds Their hair was as long as rope and as dark as night It may have been even longer than rope and it may have been even darker than night Before them, upon the horizon Was a city of enslaved boys Behind them, black and cold sat the old fabled Castle where they used to live They listened; and from the city they heard the sounds of chains clinking While from behind them in the castle came the nightly moans Hey, aren’t you Fairies hungry?


Shamlou is known for employing the style and words of the everyman. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

If you are a Devil you will be miserable this night. His four new collections of poems were taken and lost by a publisher. Jul 9, Shamlu. And in he suffers a bitter separation from his second wife. His translations of Gold in Dirt, by Sigmud Motritz and the voluminous shqmlu.

Ahmad Shamlou

She currently lives in Karaj. Shamlou’s poetry is complex, yet his imagery, which contributes significantly to the intensity ahmqd his poems, is simple. He also began his third attempt to compile The Book of Alley. We must hide joy in the closet. Zia Movahedpoet and philosopher commented that “Anyone who reads Fresh Air today can see that this language, this texture, is different from anything else.

Even though his focus is the purity of such individuals, many of whom were his close friends, Shamlou writes his elegiac poems boldly and does shamllu hold back from criticizing and denouncing hypocrisy and cruelty of his society.

Again in he toured Europe and returned to Iran for another four years shanlu intensive work. Inhe made a final attempt at completing his high school degree in Urumiehbut he failed. Are you taking me for someone else?

Shamlou translations

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. He was admitted to this school on the condition that he be demoted two years. He was separated from his wife after having two sons and one daughter. But the Fairies didn’t answer They only continued to weep and their tears were like rain from Spring clouds At the longest night of Winter When we all used to sit around the Korsi 1 eating sunflower seeds While listening to the rain and its sound in the gutter Our Nanny used to tell us stories About striped fairies The story of a yellow Fairy and a green Fairy The story of the patient stone The story of a goat on the roof and the story of the daughter of the King of the Fairies!


Several audio cassettes were released of Shamlou reciting other classical and modern poets’ work. Several audiocassettes were released of Shamlou reciting other classical and modern poet’s work. Are you worried that it may snow?

The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu : NPR

Inhe taught Persian literature at Tehran University. Sir, you must be mistaken. Ahmad Shamlou’s poetic vision accords with both western Modernist concepts and the modern transformation of classical Persian poetry. Soon in ehamlu, he and the rest of the family once again left Tehran to move for Gorgan. They divorced in after several years of conflict and long separation.

He was re-elected as member of Writer’s Union leadership. Today it is the official language of AumadTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. A fierce opponent of both the shah and the ahmaf Islamic Revolution that deposed him, Shamlu was briefly imprisoned under the shah and was treated with contempt by the Islamic regime; his books were officially banned but were privately circulated in Iran among admirers of his work.

In my verses, people form the units “Life” i.

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