AEROFLEX closed cell tube and sheet insulation is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric material designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating pipelines. AEROFLEX closed cell tube and sheet insulation is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric Aeroflex insulation with self-adhesive tape and Protape cover. Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers are produced from Aerocel® Aerocel® EPDM Elastomeric Sheet Insulation is designed to insulate air.

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Aeroflex USA’s EPDM insulation is engineered to be used extensively in conditioning systems for coolness loss reduction, condensation prevention, and energy efficiency. Avoids call-backs or failures. Maintains its seal in harsh conditions.

Products & Technical Data

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The closed-cell structure of Aerocel Pipe lnsulation makes it the most efficient elastomeric insulation. The closed-cell structure of Aerocel Pipe lnsulation makes it an efficient insulation. Please check for specific size combinations. With low moisture absorption and low water vapor transmission, Aerocel can be used both as an internal and external insulation for all kinds of ducting systems and air distribution system components, warm and cold.

Ducts can be located indoors or outdoors, and Aerocel will be unaffected.


Insind – Product Catalogue-Aeroflex Pipe Insulation

Provides extra protection against humidity. It is easy to wrap or patch tightly to insulation surfaces.

It insulates cold pipes for all kinds of air conditioners used in cars, homes, freezers and refrigerators. Helps stop condensation problems. Ideal for retarding heat gain in cold pipes and preventing heat loss in hot pipes.

Aerocel coating is effective as a protective coating or decorative coating for Aerocel insulation products and provides a smoothing aesthetic appearance that lasts for many years. Your comment was submitted.

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