ACTARA 25 WG 40g. Purchase over Online store is NOT possible. Purchase is only possible in following stores: EUROGARDEN d.o.o.. Podsmreka 7/E. Actara 25 WG, 1 kg is a Syngenta insecticide with Thiamethoxam, has effect on bees and is Not suitable for bio crops, against aphids, cabbage aphid, cabbage. Actara'” 25 WG. Name and Address ofR~ (mcludc ZIP Code). Syngenta Crop rotection, Inc. P.O. Box Greensboro, NC

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ACTARA 25 WG Insecticide Systemic g | eBay

It acts by contact and ingestion. The product quickly penetrates the plant and then transported upward acropetal through the vascular system, protecting the entire plant, as well as new gains.


Combats pests both in the larval and adult stages.

For foliar applications, treatments per season, at the warning, depending on the culture and biology of each pest, are recommended.

It is recommended to alternate with products from other chemical groups pyrethroidsfor example the Karate Zeon insecticide. The discount gets applied by mentioning the name under which the review actarx made, in the comments section, at checkout.

Actara 25 WG, 1 kg

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Read the Encyclopedia Pest encyclopedia. Insects Mammals Other None. Product information Additional Information Reviews. Actara 25 WG, g. Mode of action and use: How do you evaluate this product? Your review could refer to: How the product handled your situation Quality for the price paid Would you recommend it to others.


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