AChartEngine in Android shows an Expense Line Chart and Income-Expense bar chart. Learn how to create line chart and bar chart using AChartEngine Natural Language Processing Tutorial Part 1 | NLP Training Videos. Android AChartEngine Library is a free library which can be used to display graphs/charts on any Android OS based devices. AChartEngine. AChartEngine is a charting library for Android applications. here: http://www.

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Drawing Chart easily with AchartEngine in Android – Learn Programming Together

Bar Chart is a diagram in which the numerical values of variables are represented by the height or length of lines or rectangles of equal width. We need to create a TextView to show title and also we need to add a custom LinearLayout to display the chart within layout. We need the initialize the String Array globally to display the X-axis labels in the chart. We need to create a method to draw the Bar Chart, called drawChart. We need to create integer type array to store X-values, Y-values.


These values will add into the XYSeries object. We need to create a xyMultipleSeriesDataset object to hold series.

If you want to customize the series, create a XYSeriesRenderer object for each series separately. We can customize the chart such as color of line of the chart, its stroke width, set the display of chart values, etc. Now, we need to create a XYMultipleSeriesRenderer object to adding the renderers to multipleRenderer and customize the whole chart.

This method is used to create a Line chart view and add it into LinearLayout. Finally, call the drawChart method in your onCreate method. Run your app, you can see the Line Chat.

We will try to provide a solution for that as soon as possible. Creating a new project.

Adding library in Project. Creating a String Array. Create a method to Draw Line Chart.

Android Tutorial- Drawing AChartEngine Bar Chart with Example

Create a Line Chart view and add it into LinearLayout. Call the drawChart method.


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