Get AL transmission rebuilding tips, AL troubleshooting help, AL technical service bulletins, AL diagnostics and AL technical information from. AL[edit]. 3 Speed Automatic Transaxle. Applications (calendar years). Toyota Corolla; Chevrolet Nova. AL w/” Low/Reverse Frictions. 2 6/ AL units built in the U.S.A. may require” 2nd Brake frictions, .. TRANSMISSION OIL FILTERS.

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A131L Troubleshooting, Diagnostic Help!

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Facebook Google Remember Me? Ultimate Al Transmission Thread. I just pulled my transmission out of my 92 corolla because of the common differential lock up problem. I have been reading all of these threads, and I thought it would be good for everyone to put trqnsmission of their transmission knowledge into one basket for the poor folks that don’t know about their separate differential oil fill plug.

So I am going to add in what I know, and then I would love some help on the following questions: What do I need to watch out for going to the junkyard and getting another Al tranny?

I read that it is in the following models: How do I assure that the transmission I select to use isn’t electronic? So here is some general knowledge: You have the Al if you have an automatic Corolla which has a shifter showing: There are two places this transmission needs oil: The main transmission, and then the differential which is attached to the transmission but requires separate lubricant.


They both require Dextron III transmission oil. To check the level of the differential fluid, you must remove the filler plug and feel oil going up to the threads of the plug.

A131L transmission not engaging in any gear

Transmisxion should have 1. There is a picture of the differential and transmission breakdown below thanks to Mr. Nutcase who posted them on the “Beware of Al Transmission” thread. Look at the “Differential Case Assembly label”, and then you can spot the differential drain plug above it, and the filler plug to the right of it.

Check to see that you can get the filler plug off before you drain your differential.

The filler plug requires a 17MM I also saw that some models require a 24mm wrench. You can easily work in the area if you remove your air filter assembly and go from the top.

Automotive Repair Shops: Beware Of Common Problems With The AL Automatic Transmission

I also took the driverside tire off and was able to fit my hands into the area from the side. Remember, there are seals which can get old and let oil seep out but it won’t drip onto the ground because there are boots and moving parts to disperse the oil to other places.

You want to check your differential fluid at least once a year, and look at the half shafts to find any signs of oil leaking out I learned this the hard way! The shop time to take out and install the transmission is 3.


I am definitely not too experienced, but I was able to take my transmission out using air tools, a motorcycle jack for the tranny, and an engine hoist in 4 hours exactly. If you are taking a31l transmission out, you will also be a lot better off if you can use an engine lift because you are going to need to disconnect some motor mounts which the transmission are hooked to, and the engine is also supported by these motor mounts.

So, the question remains, what do you really want to look for when you are getting a replacement an Al tranny?

Are some of these models electronic? Or is it a simple find a 3 speed model, inspect it, and then buy it? Any help with my question or add ons will be awesome for the remaining Corolla owners. BB code is On. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

Corolla 6th Generation Specific discussion of the AE Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

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