The mains task of vector frequency inverters is the electronic speed adjustment of three-phase AC motors. Together with a Lenze geared motor or a. Lenze. SHB Legal regulations. Identification Nameplate. CE- identification. Manufacturer. Identification. Lenze controllers are unambiguously. The frequency inverter vector produced by Lenze GmbH & Co KG is used to achieve electronic speed variation of AC motors.

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Troubleshooting and fault elimination.

Fault messages on the keypad or in the parameter setting program Global Drive Control. Strong interference injections on the control cables Shield control cable.

8200 vector frequency inverters

Earth loops in the wiring. Communication error on AIF configurable in C Faulty transmission of control commands via AIF.

Insert the communication module properly into the diagnosis terminal. Check plug connection of bus module.


vector inverters – Lenze Suomessa. As easy as that.

Controller has received to many faulty telegrams via the system bus and has been disconnected from the bus. Check whether bus termination is available. Check shielding of the cables. Check bus load, reduce the baud rate, if necessary.

In case of remote parameterisation via the system bus C Slave does not respond. Communication monitoring time has been exceeded. Check wiring of the system bus. Check system bus configuration.

Lenze 8200 Vector Frequency Inverter Drive E82EV751K2C

When operating with module on FIF: Communication error in case of remote parameterisation via the system bus C configurable in C Node does not respond or is not available. Communication abort between keypad and standard device. Fan failure only motec Fan is not connected.

Connect fan Check wiring.

Motor is not connected. Troubleshooting and fault elimination, Error messages — Lenze motec frequency inverter 0. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

  ASTM D 5504 PDF

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