74LS27, 74LS27 Datasheet, 74LS27 pdf, buy 74LS27, 74LS27 Triple 3-input NOR Gate. µA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IIH. Input HIGH Current. mA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IIL. Input LOW Current. – mA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IOS. Texas Instruments 74LS27N Logic Gates are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments 74LS27N.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Adaptable for datashset types of components Mix and match large and small chips in the same circuit. Use -series sockets for smaller DIPs; -series with 0. Infinite flexibility lets you expand 74lz27n modify circuits vertically and horizontally, simply by snapping sockets together. Easy mounting using screws from front or F self -tapping screws from rear. Vinyl -insulated backing lets you fasten to any surface.

Marked tie- points simplify translation from breadboards to PC boards or wiring tables. It’s hard to believe how much faster and easier building circuits can be From the largest DIP to the smallest resistor, components plug in and out instantly, without special hardware or jumper cables.

Quick construction of microprocessors and other circuits -each EXP-4B gives you four bus lines, with 8-,and 16 -line address and data buses easily created by combining Bus Strips. Start small and expand in any direction your thinking takes you, by snapping sockets together vertically or horizontally.

With no limit to your ideas. Smarter tools for testing and design. New Haven, CT San Francisco Phone Saffron -Walden A new concept in sound technology may revolutionize the way we listen to stereo music. The Bone Fone surrounds your entire body with a sound almost impossible to imagine. It’s the perfect gift. Why not order one on our free trial program and let your entire family try it out? Use it outdoors, while you drive, at ball games or while you golf, jog or walk the dog.

But most important-compare the Bone Fone with your expensive home stereo system. Only then will you fully appreciate the major breakthrough this product represents. Credit card buyers may call our toll -free number below. The tions, and 90 -day limited warranty including The sound will also resonate through your large 70 millimeter speakers 74lx27n protected in our prompt service -by -mail address.

The When you receive your unit, use it for two your inner ear. It’s like feeling the vibrations of case that houses the radio itself is made of weeks. Take it with you to work, or wear it in rugged ABS plastic with a special reinforcea powerful stereo system or 74lls27n in the first your car. Take walks with it, ride your bicycle or row listening to a symphony orchestra-it’s ment system.

We knew that the Bone Fone roller skate with it. Let your friends try it out.


If stereo may take a great deal of abuse so we breathtaking. You can’t lose You can ride a bicycle or motorcycle, jog material used to make expensive swim suits, and you’ll be the first to discover the greatest and even do headstands-the Bone Fone so it’s easily washable.

You simply remove the new space-age audio product of the year. The Bone sleeve, dip it in soapy water, rinse and let the Discover the freedom, enjoyment, and Fone stereo brings beautiful music and con- sleeve dry. It’s just that easy.

The entire quality of the first major breakthrough in venience to every indoor and outdoor activity system is also protected against damage from portable entertainment since the transistor without disturbing those around you and with- moisture and sweat making it ideal for jogging radio. Order a Bone Fone stereo at no or bicycling. An optional set of four sleeves in engineer who liked to ski.

He was not only hearing the music ball game for the play by play. Cyclists, You’re standing in an open field. Suddenly there’s music from all directions.

Your bones resonate as if you’re listening to beautiful stereo music in front of a powerful home stereo system.

But there’s no radio in sight and nobody else hears what you do. It’s an unbelievable experience that will send datashee through your body when you first hear it. The entire sound system is actually draped around you like a scarf and can be hidden under a jacket or worn over clothes. When you tune in a stereo station, you get the same stereo separation you’d expect from earphones but without the bulk and inconvenience.

And you also get something you won’t expect. His friend couldn’t believe what he heard and at first thought someone was playing a trick on him. The entire battery -powered system is selfcontained and uses four integrated circuits and two ceramic filters for high station selectivity.

The Bone Fone weighs only 15 ounces, so when worn Over your shoulders, the weight is not even a factor.

74LS27 Datasheet(PDF) – Hitachi Semiconductor

Datashee Fing evtl Power! Each one brings you state-of-the-art function and design and places awesome calculating power at your fingertips. Let’s examine these breakthroughs one at a time. No need to carry a special stylus or look for a pencil with a sharp point whenever you want culator to calculate something.

The Casio C has an 8 -digit read-out. It adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, and performs chain calculations. It’s also a stopwatch in hundredths of seconds, with capacity up to 23 hrs. It gives you both lap and net times as well. The C weighs much less than metal calculator watches. The dataseet and band 74ls27 space-age unbreakable plastic, and the LCD face is protected by hard mineral glass. So far as we know, only one or two stores in New York City have been able to get the C Thirty day money back guarantee, one-year parts and labor warranty.


Just three more points: There’s a tiny light to illuminate the display at night. In fact, it’s bright enough to help you find your keys if you drop them in the dark. And when you receive datashest Casio C, resist the temptation to press the keys with your fingernail.

Just use your fingertips.

Besides all the calculating functions you expect, the Olivetti Logos 9 offers you these added features, plus more, thanks to some new technological breakthroughs. Exclusive paper cartridge system, simply slide up the calculator top and behold the smallest printing system 1 Try this amazing pocket calculator today, we’re sure that you will agree that the Logos 9 is the most convenient and advanced pocket calculator you’ve ever seen.

74LS27 Datasheet

If after thirty days, you are not satisfied, return the unit for a prompt refund. The Olivetti Logos 9 was awarded at the International Consumer Electronic Show the distinguished position of being the “Most Innovative Product of the Year”, and is the best selling pocket calculator in the world.

You can order today by calling one of datasheft toll -free numbers for immediate delivery. You save on insured shipping charges, as well: And each item is additionally covcartridge paper. Each cartridge lasts for ered by a one-year parts and labor warup to 1, entries. All units come with instructions, Thirty two rolls Right call toll -free and charge Incredibly fast printing speed of two what younow, want on American Express, lines per second, with print recall. Rechargable batteries up to re charges per battery.

Printing head labels all numerical en tries with letters. You’ll never forget In New Jersey call toll free: Digital clock, a totally accurate time- You can also mail your order with check piece. The Logos 9 will automatically compute the 74ls27nn of a group of entries.

Complete memory recall and display. Battery charging and 90 day limited warranty. Easy Olivetti service by mail. Assembling the manipulator arms and “hands. Add on RF modulator and play it on your TV set.


This 74l27n give you a few ideas. To install the system, you simply plug the various modules into existing AC wall outl9ts. The system features a hand- helc ultrasonic remote control unit and a programmable timer. For a look at t-ie circuitry and how the system worKs, turn to page Len Feldman 63 R.

build your own robot: assembling the arms

Herb Friedman 16 16 page Service Editor solves technicians’ problems. For details on how to assemble the manipulator arms and hands, turn to page C by Gernsback Publications, Inc. As a service to readers, Radio-Electronics publishes available plane or information dtaasheet to newsworthy products, techniques and scientific and technological developments.

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