ck-nfa1 Motherboard Manual. Which is the top eVGA nForce i SLI Motherboard CK-NFA1 for you? to use lots of options and nice layout for . epub download evga ck nf68 a1 manual – were know very well that file would not hang on for long. it will be eliminated at any time. so i will ask you again. NForce CK-NFXX Computer Hardware pdf manual download. Also for: Nforce i sli, ck-nftr, ck-nfa1 – nforce i sli motherboard.

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However, it does not contain the following items that must be purchased separately to make the motherboard functional. When installing the graphics drivers, the resolution defaults to the lowest setting typically xmaking your display very large.

EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 – nForce 680i SLI Motherboard Manuals

The NVIDIA nTune program is a full-featured application for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components including bus speeds and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels. Overclock your system for the highest performance, or underclock it for a nearly silent operation. Increasing the voltage or the clock speed of a component may void its warranty due to exceeding recommended specifications.

NVIDIA and the board manufacturer are not responsible for damage that may occur when component tolerances are exceeded. Overvoltaging any of the components can result in damage to the components. From this menu, you can adjust the following voltages Memory Timing This section of the Adjust Motherboard Settings allows you to adjust various memory timings and cycles. This is the amount of time between a row being activated by Precharge and deactivated.

A row cannot be deactivated until tRAS has completed. The lower the timing the better the system performance. Clock Drive Strength This value is filled in by the system and can not be changed by the user. The value shown cannot be changed Async Latency This value is filled in by the system and can not be changed by the user.

The changes do not go into effect until you reboot your system. The nTune tuning engine pushes your system to the limits to test the highest possible performance settings. Because of this, there may be instances of system hangs during the testing. Tune System Menu nTune xxvi Introduction Management The Management option on the View System Information screen allows you to view hardware, software, and system information and adjust profiles.

122-ck-nf6-a1 System Information This screen is for information purposes only you cannot make any changes to the information. The View System Information screen provides hardware, software, and system information that you can save to a log file to assist customer support or for your own uses.

The status of the system, including current system clock speeds, system temperatures, memory timings, and system voltages can be logged. Introduction Adjust Custom 122-ck-nf68a-1 The Adjust Custom Rules selection provides you with the ability to create a rule to define when the system should use a particular profile.

With custom rules, you can make your system run faster when you are mankal games or make it run quieter when you are surfing the Internet. You can designate a specific settings profile to use or check for the tests. You can indicate the duration of the test by changing the slider slider values are from 10 minutes to 48 hours.


Click display the NVPerformance Benchmark display. Click Results to view a pop-up window containing the testing results. View Storage Configuration The View Storage Configuration screendisplays the current configuration of your storage devices.

Management The Management options on the Storage menu provides you with the ability to delete, rebuild, migrate, and synchronize arrays. Delete Array Use the 1222-ck-nf68-a1 procedure to delete an array: Be sure you are deleting the correct array. Once you click Finish, you no longer have access to any of the data on this array.

Mabual Array The Rebuild Array option allows you to rebuild a disk in the array while the system is running without disrupting user or application access to the data set. Rebuilding an array can take up to a full day to complete. This operation occurs in the background and does not impede any work being done.

Select the disk in the array that was replaced and needs to be rebuilt. There are two reasons to use the Migrating Array option: Select the array to migrate and click Selection window. Synchronize Array This option is 122-ck-nff68-a1 to synchronize a selected array.

Use the following procedure to rebuild an array: Click Finish to begin synchronizing the array. Use the following procedure to enable or disable the mznual to have network traffic to prioritized for optimal performance: Define the applications to accelerate by clicking FirstPacket.

Click to browse for an executable gamming applications. For example, if you want manusl accelerate a game such as Serious Sam 2, look for the and add it.

Introduction In traditional networking environments, inspecting packets is laborious and affects CPU overhead, memory bandwidth, and overall system latency. In normal network conditions, both transmit and receive traffic are distributed.

EVGA nForce 122-CK-NF68-XX User Manual

Use the following procedure to configure Teaming: Click on the networking icon to display the Networking Control Panel Categories. Select Adjust Teaming configuration window. If you are going to SLI two graphics cards, you are going to require more power. As a rule, for one GPU you need a minimum of a W power supply. Introduction Intentions of the Kit This kit provides you with the motherboard and all connecting cables necessary to install the motherboard into a PC cabinet.

If you are building a PC, you will use most of the cables provided in the kit. If however, you are replacing a motherboard, you will not need many of the cables.

The manageable and stable NVIDIA networking solution results in better networking management and a lower total cost of ownership. Only NVIDIA integrates this level of networking features to allow you to take your online experience to the next level. If you are replacing a motherboard, you may not need many of these cables. Be sure to inspect each piece of equipment shipped in the packing box.

If anything is missing or damaged, contact your reseller. Figure 1 shows the motherboard and Figures 2 shows the back panel connectors. CPU fan connector 4.

Front panel connector 8. This section will guide you through the installation of the motherboard. The topics covered in this section are: Preparing the motherboard Installing the CPU Installing the CPU fan Installing the memory Installing the motherboard Connecting cables and setting switches Safety Instructions To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury, always follow basic safety precautions.


Hold the processor only by the edges and do not touch the bottom of the processor. Follow the instruction that came with you fan assembly.

Be sure that the fan orientation is correct for your chassis type and your fan assembly. Installing and Configuring the EVGA nForce i SLI Motherboard Installing the Motherboard The sequence of installing the motherboard into the chassis depends on the chassis you are using and if you are replacing an existing motherboard or working with an empty chassis. Determine if it would be easier to make all the connections prior to this step or to secure the motherboard and then make all the connections.

Ensure that the fan assembly is aligned with the chassis vents according to the fan assembly instruction. Secure the motherboard with a minimum of eight-to-ten screws. Connecting Cables and Setting Switches This section takes you through all the connections and switch settings necessary on the motherboard. Make sure you have enough power to cover all the expansion cards you will be installing.

Align the pins to the connector and press firmly until seated. It is strongly recommended that you use an 8-pin ATX 12V power supply; Connecting Internal Headers Front Panel Header The front panel header on this motherboard is one connector used to connect the following four cables: When the system is in S0 status, the LED is on.

The motherboard also contains two pin internal header connectors onboard that can be used to connect an optional external bracket containing four 4 more USB 2. The fan speed can be detected and viewed in the Both fans are automatically turned off after the system enters S3, S4 and S5 mode.

Connect one side of a switching cable to the header and then attach the serial COM device to the other side of the cable. For a full list of PCI Express x16 graphics card supported by this motherboard, go to www. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. This section includes the following information: Correctly setting the BIOS parameters is critical to maintain optimal system performance.

Use the keys to scroll through the options or press Page Down sub-menu.

Evga CK-NFA1 – nForce i SLI Motherboard Manuals

Use the arrow keys to position the selector in the option you choose. This field changes to correspond to the date you enter.

None There is no HDD installed or set. Auto The system can auto-detect the hard disk when booting up. Drive A Options are: All, But Diskette The system boot does not stop for a diskette error but will stop for all other errors. Use the Page Up press to display the sub-menu. Use the Enter selector in the option you choose. To go back to the previous menu, press Removable Device Priority Use 122-ck-fn68-a1 option to select the priority for removable device startup.

Press to see the list of removable devices in your system.

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